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he consequences of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak will not have escaped anyone’s notice. The urgent recommendation is therefore to minimise social contacts as far as possible. Many shops and businesses have had to close their doors as a result. As a result, it is, of course, no longer possible to make all the purchases you would like or perhaps have to make. Buying a car is probably not the first thing that comes to mind in the event of an outbreak of a virus on this scale. However, if you are dependent on this means of transport, this will become a major concern. After all, there are situations in which you are forced to buy a new car. If you cannot afford to wait with this purchase, you have few other choices. Fortunately, it is still possible to make this purchase, but it is wise to deal with this in a practical way.

Is the use of a car necessary for you during this period?
The coronavirus outbreak has far-reaching consequences. Holidays are postponed, events are cancelled and many people wait with purchases that are not immediately necessary. It goes without saying that the term ‘necessity’ can be interpreted differently for everyone. A car, for example, may be a luxury item for someone who lives in the city, but for another person who lives a little more secluded or who is less able to walk on his or her legs, it is a necessary item of use.

Buying a car during the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak?
One would say that buying a car during the 1.5-metre society is more difficult, but that is not entirely true. After all, you can use the Internet to obtain excellent information about which cars are suitable for you. Websites such as AutoTrack, Gaspedaal or Autowereld offer all the information you need to do a good preliminary investigation if you are looking for a new or used car.

In addition, it is still possible to view the car you are interested in at the seller. It is, of course, important that the urgent advice of the RIVM (the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) is followed and that the situation is not underestimated. These recommendations are, of course, mainly related to hygiene and dealing with each other. It is therefore not wise to shake hands with the selling party and it is very important to stay 1.5 metres apart from each other. In practice, this does not have to pose any problems. After all, you come to see the car up close and not the seller. In addition, most car garages are fortunately not crowded areas.

It is good to realise that the virus can be transmitted mainly by people among themselves and that the chance of transmission by materials is less. Of course, it is still very important to exclude any chance of infection. In addition to personal hygiene, it is very sensible to first disinfect (or have disinfected) everything you touch on the car when making a test drive.

Whatever precautions you take, you will understand that it is still wise to keep your visit to the car salesman as short as possible and ask any questions online. In addition, many car sellers are certainly willing to make a film of the car you are interested in, so that you can form a picture of the means of transport before you actually come to see it. You can also choose to Facetimen with the seller so that he or she can substantiate the answers to your questions with images.

Test drive at home as an extra service during this corona era
In order to avoid a visit to the showroom altogether but to have the possibility to make a test drive with a car, many car companies offer the “test drive at home” service. Test Drive at Home is an initiative of AutoTrack and can be seen as a delivery service of a test drive. When you are interested in a car and live relatively close to the car company in question (maximum 50 km), an employee of this company will come to your home address with the car in question to show you the car and offer you the opportunity to make a test drive of up to 30 minutes.

test drive

This home test drive service is free of charge, of course without any obligation and will take place according to the standard rules that the car company applies when offering test drives. In the contact between customers and the car company the guidelines of the RIVM are of course taken into account. Curious about Trial Rides at home? You can recognise the available cars for home test drive by the next button on the advertisement:

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